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In this short video, you can see examples of each of the types of exercises that you will find throughout your course.

Video: Types of exercises 

To pass each exercise you will need to get at least 50% correct. You can do the exercises as many times as you need because the objective is that they help you practice.

After you complete your exercise, you will receive the results within a week, but remember that while you wait for an answer, you can continue to progress with other lessons and exercises.

You can ask new questions, you can answer questions from other students and teachers and interact with them. You just have to go to the “forum” tab to access it.

You just have to contact us through the email admin@learnspanishnow.co or WhatsApp at +57 3136917355. Let us know your availability, and if it matches the availability of your teacher, we will proceed to schedule it. Otherwise, we will give you other options.

Of course! You can schedule individual lessons or get packages of 5, 10, or 15 hours of lessons. Get in touch with us via email at admin@learnspanishnow.co ir WhatsApp at +57 3136917355 to acquire and schedule them.

To pass the final exam for each course, you will need to get at least 60% correct, and you will have a maximum of 2 attempts to do so.

In the case of not achieving a minimum of 60% in any of the two attempts, you must contact the email admin@learnspanishnow.co or WhatsApp at +57 3136917355 to schedule a live lesson with a teacher and review the topics that you are not clear about.

 After the live lesson, the teacher will determine if the course is approved or if you must repeat the test.
Each live lesson that you must schedule will have an additional cost.

After you have passed the final exam, you will receive your certificate within a week.

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