1. Introduction

The terms and conditions apply to any contract with LEARN SPANISH NOW S.A.S. regarding participation in the contracted services. These terms and conditions are an integral part of the contract signed by both parties (the student and Learn Spanish Now).

Therefore, it is requested that they be read carefully before signing or contracting any service with LEARN SPANISH NOW S.A.S. since it will indicate their approval and acceptance of them.

2. Services
2.1 General

LEARN SPANISH NOW offers online Spanish courses through a platform of its authorship, as well as online and in-person, private, and group lessons at levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.

LEARN SPANISH NOW created its curriculum based on the fundamentals of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages ​​that place a student at a level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2).

LEARN SPANISH NOW may make changes to the content in order to guarantee the improvement of the study plans. These changes will be communicated to the students, guaranteeing compliance with the contracted hours and the quality parameters of the levels acquired.

Before contracting any of the services, the student must take a placement test that will place them at the appropriate level of Spanish. If the student considers that they were not placed in the correct level, they must request a reclassification test by email to admin@learnspanishnow.co, which can be complemented with an interview with one of the teachers.

Students registering for LEARN SPANISH NOW must be over 18 years of age, although in some cases, they may be between 15 and 17 years of age and their parents will be responsible for making the contract and accepting the terms and conditions described here.

LEARN SPANISH NOW is a non-formal education academy, it doesn’t certify DELE or SIELE exams, although it does prepare the student to present the tests in another formal education academy.

LEARN SPANISH NOW doesn’t grant Student Visas.

At the end of each level or course, the student can request a certificate of completion for it. This certificate helps you recognize the level you completed. However, it doesn’t accredit it before a formal education institution.


2.2 Online Course

After taking the placement test and accepting the terms and conditions, the student will be enrolled in their corresponding course (A1.1, A1.2, etc.). From that moment the student will be given a username and will be able to access the platform and the table of contents.

Because it is a guided course, the content of each lesson will be locked. As soon as a lesson and its respective exercises are completed, the next one will be unlocked automatically.

The student will have access to the digital material of the platform such as videos, audio, images, texts and exercises. This material will be available for the time the service was contracted. Once the time is up, it will be blocked and will not allow access to the student.

Students can make use of the material provided during the development of the course and practice outside of it, but they are not allowed to use it in other Spanish academies, since it is own material of LEARN SPANISH NOW and its intellectual property rights are reserved.

The student must finish the course in the time agreed in the contract, if for some reason they didn’t do so, the student must pay again to get access to it.

The course doesn’t have a specific schedule to be developed, it can be done from anywhere in the world and at any time of the day or night.

Each course will last approximately 30 hours divided into lessons, audio, videos, exercises, homework and the final evaluation.

Each course has an expiration of 3 months and must be completed within this time, otherwise, the student will have to repurchase it.

The student will have 1 hour of live lesson included in each course with a native and professional teacher, to complement explanations and review some activities. To schedule the lesson, the student must contact the email admin@learnspanishnow.co, and depending on the availability of both parties, it will be scheduled.

The student will have 2 hours of online conversation included in each course with a native teacher, where they can practice and solve doubts. To schedule these lessons, the student must contact the email admin@learnspanishnow.co and it will be scheduled according to the availability of both parties.

Students who would like to have more live lessons to continue practicing or answer other questions can purchase them via email or WhatsApp, at an additional cost.

For the live and conversation lessons, the student must be punctual at the scheduled time. If for some reason the student cannot connect, they must notify the email admin@learnspanishnow.co, otherwise, the teacher will only wait for them for 15 minutes and cannot be rescheduled, unless the student wishes to pay for an extra lesson.

The live conversation lessons will be done through the platforms Google Meet, Skype or Zoom.

The student must complete each exercise of the different lessons of the course with a minimum pass rate of 50%. The student will be able to retake the exercises as many times as they want, but they will not be able to advance to the next lesson if they are not completed in their entirety.

Most exercises have an automatic response and immediate feedback.

There are some exercises that require review and feedback from the teacher, which will be given within a week. However, the student will be able to continue advancing with other lessons in the course.

The student must pass the minimum final test with 60% correct and the student will have 2 attempts to do so. In the event that the student does not pass the test with both attempts, they will have to contact the email admin@learnspanishnow.co to schedule a live lesson with the teacher and review the issues that are not clear to them. Each live lesson that the student must schedule will have an additional cost to the one contracted when the course was purchased.

After the live lesson, the teacher will determine if the course is approved or if the student must repeat the test.

If the student does not pass the course, they will not be able to advance to the next one.

The student will be able to participate in a forum with other students and teachers, where they will share doubts, questions and answers on a topic according to their level of Spanish.

For the development of the course, the student is responsible for their internet connection, operation of his computer, camera, microphone and audio.

The student will have the same teacher during a course unless there is an event of force majeure.

The student declares that by accepting these terms and conditions, they must take the course at the agreed time and have completed it to advance to another.


3. Regular Duct

Communication between students, teachers and administrative staff must be done by email or WhatsApp.

If the student has any changes, the following regular procedure must be followed:

If the student has questions or problems with the course content, activities, assignments, lesson schedules, payments, etc., the student should contact the LEARN SPANISH NOW administrative staff at admin@learnspanishnow.co or on WhatsApp at +57 3136917355.

To request technical support for the online course platform, the student must contact the LEARN SPANISH NOW administrative staff.

4. Payments
4.1 Prices and Promotions

LEARN SPANISH NOW may change prices and launch promotions at any time without prior notice, this without affecting the conditions of the contracts of students who are already enrolled.

The prices of the services can be seen and will always be available at https://learnspanishnow.co/our-services/


4.2 Agreements and Means of Payment

To enable the user to enter the platform and the content of the online course, the student must have paid in full for the course and it will be enabled within 48 business hours.

Payments will be made through ePayco, WorldRemit and Wompi; through a payment link or the bank account number provided by Learn Spanish Now. These can be made by debit card, credit card or bank transfer. LEARN SPANISH NOW is not responsible for the money that is sent by other means of payment not mentioned above.


4.3 Acceptance of Purchase

After accepting the terms and conditions and making the payment for any of the services, an automatic receipt will be generated and the purchase will be considered complete. Then, the registration process will be completed so the course can begin. In case of making the payment by means of a bank transfer, you will have to send the proof of payment to the email admin@learnspanishnow.co to confirm the purchase.

If the student has any problem with the payment, they should contact the administrative staff of LEARN SPANISH NOW by any of the aforementioned means.


4.4 Notification

The student will be able to receive notifications to his email or WhatsApp, reminding him of the completion of the course that acquired.

5. Cancellations, Desertions and Refunds

To cancel one of the live or conversational lessons of the online course, the student must notify the email admin@learnspanishnow.co or the teacher 6 hours before the scheduled time. If the student does not do it before this time, the class will not be made up nor will the money be refunded.

If the student wishes to cancel the course or does not take it within the stipulated time, the money will not be refunded and it cannot be transferred to another person.

In the event that the student needs more time to finish the course, they must contact the LEARN SPANISH NOW administrative staff and a clause can be paid to enable membership.

6. Behavior and Punctuality

The student must connect on time for the online lessons, must comply with the tasks proposed by the teacher and fully complete the course exercises.

The student must have the treatment and a vocabulary according to respect and cordiality with their teacher and fellow forum members. Otherwise, the contract will be suspended without any kind of refund.

7. Customer Service

The student can contact the emails admin@learnspanishnow.co, learnspanishnow.co@gmail.com or WhatsApp +57 3136917355 at any time and will receive a response as soon as possible.

8. Note

LEARN SPANISH NOW reserves the right to change, add or remove parts of the terms and conditions, without affecting those accepted in the initial contract. The student is encouraged to review them periodically.